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Kil'jaeden Down! Tomb of Sargeras Cleared!!

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Well this has been an emotional ride...

What looked like a disaster from the get-go had a silver lining at the end. We struggled through this tier, with massive roster issues and poor raid performance hampering us from the beginning. This was reflected in our way below expected world rankings, which, for most of the tier, hovered around the 200 mark.

We struggled on bosses we should not have struggled on, and this cannot be put down to roster issues alone, but individual performance from all corners of the roster. 

As has become standard in Fang however, we finished the tier very strong, with far fewer pulls and days on KJ than most, if not all of our competition. 

Although we walk away from ToS with fairly low heads, we can take solace in the fact that we know we can achieve, and that even though nonperformance has hit us hard this tier, we can move forward with great optimism knowing that we can do better.

For me personally, this is the end of the road. I have raided with Fang for over 8 years (Ulduar). It was my first raiding guild, and at no point in those 8 years have I considered leaving to join another guild. I've seen us grow drastically from a rank 3000 guild, to a top 100 guild (SoO), and have loved every second of my time here. The social aspect of the guild is something we bang on about a lot when we recruit, and it is never exaggerated. I've had so much fun, in a game that I have grown to hate, but I always hung on because I wanted the guild to continue getting better.

Sadly, the overwhelming pressure to play the game above all else has hit me, and the result is that I almost resent doing it. The atmosphere in the guild hasn't changed, and raiding is still great fun here, however I just can't say the same about the game for me.

I've loved raiding with you all, past and present, and I know Fang will only grow from here. 


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