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Gul'dan dies! 10/10 Mythic. World 96!

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Tonight saw the culmination of the first full tier of Legion completed when Gul'dan and his demons found out that we actually were prepared.

The Nighthold has been a rollercoaster of encounters which have been both testing and, on the whole, enjoyable. Blizzard's highly tuned encounters have come under a lot of flack recently as they have locked out a number of 'semi-hardcore' guilds who have hit road blocks. However those people who find fault in the difficulty of Nighthold are generally the first people to jump on the 'stop giving casuals free loot' bandwagon. 

It's true, there is a definite issue with rewards at the highest tier, and with anyone able to obtain the highest level of gear it does add a sour taste to end tier raiding and can, at times, make you question why you are smashing your head against this brick wall (or orbs on Elisande). However when that endless grind turns into the first kill of the last boss, all of that fades away and the realization of why you really raid comes stampeding back, along with the feelings of ecstasy, relief and team spirit. 

Our personal experience of The Nighthold has been very steady, and for the most part, enjoyable. We have (for once) maintained a stable roster, with only a few changes here and there from players burning out and disappearing randomly in the middle of the night; not forgetting the "theorycrafter" who didn't like being beaten...

Bosses have all gone down in timely fashion, with only a few taking longer than we would have liked. We feel we are finally coming back to our best form, with our world ranking steadily and consistently improving from boss to boss, which has culminated on a world 96 finish on Gul'dan, our first top 100 finish since Mists of Pandaria.

Yet again we have found our own little 'world first' race on Kazzak, with a new contender stepping up to the plate in Norrlands Guld. 

As someone unfortunate enough to not be able to progress Gul'dan, the first last boss I have missed since starting in Ulduar, watching streams of both guilds was certainly more nerve wracking than any progress I have ever done. Watching Norrlands wipe on 2% made my stomach writhe. Not telling anyone in raid, because I didn't want to add to the stress, only made it worse... and it didn't subside until that final last pull where Gul'dan was finally destroyed, I had to jump up in Discord and scream with the guys as the feeling was so intense. Then to watch Norrlands kill it only two minutes later only added to the elation of our first kill. A double victory!

We are thoroughly looking forward to Tomb of Sargeras, and the undoubtable challenges it will provide. Now back to grinding.

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