Wednesday, 05 April 2017 19:15

Grand Magistrax Elisande Down! 9/10 Mythic NH!

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So this happened... a while ago.

Figured I'd better actually write something as Gul'dan isn't far off needing some website (spoiler alert) attention also.

Elisande is one of the most frustrating fights I have ever done; which is probably the main reason for the slacking. A super punishing fight, with very little room for error and even less room for moving at times.

We were frustrated by her for over a reset. It's not a difficult fight by any stretch of the imagination; however tight DPS requirements and random orb spawns make it agonizingly tedious to progress on, and that's not even including the random dodging fail deaths.

Eventually however, we managed to power our way through it, and are currently enjoying some very promising progress on Gul'dan. Watch this space! 

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