Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:27

Star Augur dead! 8/10 Mythic NH!

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We took another good step up the world ranking ladder last night to place ourselves agonizingly close to a top 100 finish in Nighthold.

A kill which form denied us on Sunday, finally happened on Monday in satisfying fashion. The raid finally accomplished a consistent level of performance which we can be proud of and which will hopefully continue onwards. 

Star Augur itself is a simple yet hectic fight. Fairly easy mechanics to master, however bringing it all together as a raid took a bit more coordination and patience, however the end result is what we are after, and an excellent end result is what we got.

At times it seemed as if we just weren't supposed to kill it, what with Avent 'ill' and Mooniverse's LAPTOP dying. However eventually we managed to keep everyone online and avoid the warlocks blowing up long enough to secure an impressive kill.